Love yourself

I simply love myself

I love the way I share everything to my inner Divine soul
I love the way , when I don't know how to walk but still I want to crawl
I love the way, when I imagine myself in huge ground, where all over people surrounds
I love the way ,how I sort my emotions into words
I love the way when I sing like chirping birds
But still I am struggling to know my self
The time I hated that girl in front of my mirror .......
I become most weird annoying
The time there is nothing to show but I still remain showing 
The time I cried alone reminding that there is nothing good that will happen to you
The time I behaved wrong and I Know that it can't be sewed
But let me recall myself 
That sometime 
It's good to be weird 
It's good to be annoying
It's okay dear that you were unkowingly showing
Look back see your own Divine soul he will be always with you even you put yourself in a dark holeIMG_20180523_104718_922.jpg



Badlo ka saya tha ,
Hamne to bs lavso ko kamya tha
Khrr us santae ko
lavso se kese sambalte
Itne to toot gye
Phir or khaab kese palte
Himat thi hamari
Arjoou ko apni phir see tola
Itna bhi gut gut k kya jeena
Dil ek eshaas se muj ko bola
Chalo aaj is pal ko aapna bnate h
Jindagi se Kya sikhe ge hum
Chalo aaj jindagi ko sikhate h
Thaaam jaaana tu ehh mushkil
Kyuki hum
Muskurahat m jeete h
Or hum vohi h jo
jeee kr khul k muskurate h

Written by:- Tanya Mehta😇


Shayad yeh mulaakat hamri akhiri ho……shyd dil wali baat akhiri hu……..shyad
shayad yeh kh kr ki
kal mile ge
Hum kabi mil hi na pae
Shayd aapna khena ka haak dobara na aae ……
Shayd aagle pal koi paraya ho jae
Shayad jindagi ki baag -dor m koi apna kho jae
Shayad .
.isliye socha h
Kisi ruthe ko mana hu to aaj
Kisi ko dil ka haal btana ho tu aaj
Kisi ko meethe wala gussa dikhna ho tu aaj
Kal tu aaj ki yaade hi rah jaegi
Sab kuch hoga saath, bs purani dino ki yaade tarasai gi
Baate to bhut h khene ko ……pr vo baate jo dil se lage vo dil m hi rah jaegi
Written by:-tanya mehta😊international_scenery (17)_&_0ba68533-6b27-49e4-9f8c-651e2d021e82.jpg

Teacher the ultimate couch

Day one to day last ,
 The whole era ran very fast .
 Keeping the code of believes in mind .
 Sir, that your eyes manifest each & everytime .
 Trust ,hope all those emotion that you tide using friendship as a rope .
 Visualizing my that one class , that you gifted with wonderful people in Mass.
 I am thanking you for always allowing me to rise.

That place was not less than any enchanting prize .
 I do remember that devastating lofty tides,
 That would have upset our connection and let a Friend call teacher blow off my pride.
 But till now it's nothing to hide ,
 You'll always have great value untill the last day of my life.
 Written by:-tanya mehta

Being colour blind told how beautiful this world is!!!!

I felt guilt ,l felt down
I put on myself a shameful crown
I loose my interest upon my passion
Not thinking about any bigger session
Even what to do with my futher profession
Yes, I was depressed that time
It wasn’t but I felt like i did crime
The thing I did was to neglect my uniqueness
Yes ,I know it was my own
I lost my hope ,
Not sure about any scope
All I did was to cry all the tym
It was like my life lost its rhyme
Now it’s going to be about a year
Only thing I’m carrying ,is my eyes full of tears
But let me clear

The girl this year was’nt real.IMG_20180522_081503_233.jpg

Written by :Tanya mehta